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‘South Asia’s greenest jewel, Bangladesh is a region full of exciting adventures. Go find the one that suits you’

Diving in St Martin

The diving in St Martin is incredible. There are over 55 dive sites surrounding this small island.


Tea gardens of Srimongol

Nature has adorned Srimongol with green trees. Its natural scenery is charming. The terraced tea gardens, plantations and evergreen hills of Srimongol are wonderful treats for tourists


Madhabkunda for waterfalls

One of the highest waterfalls in Bangladesh, it is one of the most attractive tourist spots in the Sylhet division.


Cox’s Bazar adventures

People come to Cox’s Bazar for parasailing, bungee jumping, land sailing, speed boats and leisure stroll across the beach.


  Hiking in Keokradong

 The main hike starts from Boga Lake, which can be reached from Bandarban town via two chaander gari rides with a stop at Ruma Bazar.


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