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Flea markets often pop up in various corners of Singapore, offering people vintage and limited-edition steals, at prices light on the pocket

One of the most accessible cities in Asia, Singapore is a fascinating blend of local neighbourhoods, large-scale attractions, shopping malls and lesser-known sights. However, beyond all these, there lies another Singapore that’s not usually frequented by tourists. These flea markets often pop up in various corners of the city, offering people vintage and limited-edition steals at prices light on the pocket. Here are few that you can look up to in your next sojourn.


As Singapore’s most frequent and largest flea organiser, Fleawhere has got flea markets ongoing every day! Regardless of whether you are a youngster with an urge for all new-age stuff or an executive looking for some office material, Fleawhere won’t disappoint you! For example, MOX Parade, is a place where local artists, fashion designers and the like sell their stuff. Similarly, Maker’s Parade is the place for all things handmade.

Market of Artists and Designers (MAAD)

Held regularly at the Red Dot Design Museum, MAAD is quite different from the typical hunt-and-haggle flea market. Acting as a platform for budding artists and creative entrepreneurs, the trendy flea market features original art pieces, delectable food, beauty products and live music by local musicians. You can even get your portrait drawn at the #PortraitsAfterDark booth.

Art Market

Transforming locations such as car parks and museums into a flea market, local designers and artists form the main vendors in Art Market. People flock to this market for unheard-of fashion items, accessories, home furniture, decorative items and other hipster knick-knacks. To add to the party are live musicians, mural artists and food stalls, giving travellers a lot more reasons to visit this place.

Public Garden Consumer Trade Show

With unique goods from independent labels and local brands from Southeast Asia, Public Garden Consumer Trade Show is the place to get your hands on stationery, art, beauty products, accessories and apparel. Don’t be surprised to see kimono jackets from Duangduan the dressmaker, ceramics from Anco and local fashion labels like Vespertine here.

China Square Central Weekend Flea Market

Spend an idyllic Sunday afternoon browsing the collectibles of over 60 vendors selling goods, clothes and home decor items from both vintage and contemporary toy collectibles to handmade crafts to cheap accessories and innovative gadgets. It’s fully air-conditioned, so you don’t have to worry about the heat.

SG Really, Really Free Market

SGRRFM is a place where you can shop for free. Everyone is invited to bring their stuff to share at the market, and if you find something interesting, you’re free to take it as well. Held every two months at temporary locations, the SGRRFM aims to reduce consumer wastage by promoting sharing and giving in the community. You might also encounter people sharing a craft or skill, such as yoga, tarot card reading and more. The most common items you’ll find there are secondhand clothes, books and vintage collectibles. The stuff may not be as shiny as some of the other flea markets, but you can’t complain as it’s free.


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