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Thailand has adventure at every bend. From rock climbing without ropes to scuba diving without a tank, there is no shortage of adventurous things to do in Thailand that will push you to your very limits.

With pristine beaches, pulsating cities and delicious food, it’s no wonder Thailand draws millions of travellers every year. Its natural landscape and long coastline lends itself to tonnes of adrenaline pumping activities. So dig in and plunge into the most heart-pumping adventure activities in the city.

Free Diving

Scuba diving isn’t the only option for exploring coral reefs! If you really want to push yourself, try diving without an oxygen tank. Believe it or not, this sport has gained some serious traction in recent years, making it one of the best adventure activities to try in Thailand.

Freediving, also known as apnea, relies on one’s breath of air and diving for a couple of minutes, down to 20 or more metres, to discover shipwrecks, sea life and coral reefs. The longest freedives are upwards of 20 minutes on a single breath. The key to successfully freediving is learning how to relax underwater and learning how to control your breath.

Where: Koh Tao

Mae Taeng river, is home to class 2-4 rapids and exotic wildlife, mountains, rice fields, canyons and hill tribes

White water rafting

Feel the force of tons of water drenching you and tossing you in different directions. When you’re not paddling for life, you’re hanging on for it, on a whirlwind ride on an inflatable raft down some of mother nature’s most dangerous creations—rapids.

Head northeast of Chiang Mai to find the Mae Taeng river, which is home to class 2-4 rapids and exotic wildlife (including elephants), mountains, rice fields, orchid valleys, canyons and indigenous hill tribes. It starts in the valleys and canyons near the Burmese border and joins the Chao Phraya River, which later pours out into the Gulf of Thailand.

Where: Mae Taeng River

The area of  Krabi was once a thriving port of call on the ancient trade routes across Asia.


Wake-boarding is one of the fastest growing water sports in Thailand. Grab onto that cable behind a speedboat, mount on a board and zoom behind in the wake of the boat. If you are parking nearby Bangkok and are unable to find a suitable place for water sports, then head to Thai Wake Park. It is not necessary to be a swimmer for this one.

Where: Thai Wake Park near Bangkok, Lake Taco, for learners, Wake up wake-boarding in Koh Phangan


Kayaking can be the most thrilling way to get a peek at Thailand’s natural beauty in all its splendour and indulge in one of the best adventure sports in Thailand. This water sport is for the young and the old alike. You could have a paddle guide or paddle your own kayak. It’s not only the sea, now you get to experience the diverse countryside, verdant jungles, limestone cliffs, breathtaking lagoons, intricate sea caves and mangrove swamps.

Where: Koh Panek and James Bond Island in Nga Bay between Phuket and Krabi

Thailand has the biggest rope swing in Asia. The emperor swing is 120 metres long and starts with a 30-metre free fall high over the forest floor


Wanderer’s Heaven

For those who like to explore

The Grand Palace
Grand Palace is a must-see sight that was built in 1782 and for 150 years the home of the Thai King, the Royal court and the administrative seat of government.

The Sixth Restaurant
The Sixth is a cool and hip little place with excellent authentic Thai food! With only five tables, run and owned by a young couple, the place has a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Rot Fai Market
Night markets in Bangkok offer goods, snacks, vintage fashion goods, entertainment and after dark shopping experience.

Giant Swing

For all the daredevils out there, here is a Thailand adventure activity you can’t refuse – The biggest rope swing in Asia. The emperor swing is 120 metres long and starts with a 30-metre free fall high over the forest floor. The adventure starts much before, with the trek to the jump point being scary in itself. If that doesn’t deter you enough, the view of valley floor from the edge of the jump platform is sure to make your head spin.

Where: Hollow Mountain Adventure Park, Krabi

Sky Diving

Whether a dream or not, everybody wants to fly. We believe there is only one way to do it – jump off a plane. So strap on that gear and brace yourself for one of the most adrenaline-pumping adventure activities in Thailand. There is absolutely nothing as thrilling as free-falling from a height of 13,000 feet. Once you get past the phase where you stop screaming, you will notice how beautiful the earth looks from above. The fall lasting 60 seconds will seem like an eternity, but the feeling of flight, even if only for a short moment is a once- in- a-lifetime Thailand adventure experience. Where: Pattaya

 By: Puneet Kapani

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